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Please join us for this double-header of awesome events on Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017

Dive into Subs Submissions Workshop – and free pizza!
5:30-7:00pm in 2170 Wiekamp Hall at IU South Bend
sponsored by Lit Literary Collective and the Publications Commons/PUB HUB
presenters: Krista Cox, Erin Marie Hall, Kelcey Parker Ervick

Want to submit your work, but not sure where to begin? Actively submitting already, but want some tips & tricks? Don’t miss this submissions workshop!

Topics include:
• There Are One Billionty Journals, Where the Hell do I Send this Stuff?
• I Have One Billionty Pieces, How do I Decide what to Send?
• Formatting isn’t Just for Clearing Evidence from your Hard Drive
• This Shouldn’t Be This Hard: Cover Letters
• Only Human: What on Earth Editors are Thinking
• I’m a Writer, Not a Data Scientist: Tracking Submissions
• How Rejections are Kinda Sorta like Exercise Maybe

Poetry Reading by Nate Pritts
Winner of the 42 Miles Press Poetry Prize for Decoherence
7:30pm on the 3rd Floor Bridge of Wiekamp Hall at IU South Bend


Nate Pritts is the author of eight books of poetry, including Decoherence, which won the 42 Miles Press Poetry Award and will be published in the fall of 2017.

His most recent collection is Post Human (2016) which Publishers Weekly says “leads readers through a poetic dystopia that reveals the fragility of the human relationship with technology. Weaving his poems together as a meditative critique of technology and its numbing effect on the everyday, Pritts asks readers to imagine other possibilities amid ‘this daily flood/ of ephemera, this electronic life.'”

Publishers Weekly described his fifth book, Sweet Nothing (2011), as “both baroque and irreverent, banal and romantic, his poems […] arrive at a place of vulnerability and sincerity.” POETRY Magazine called The Wonderfull Yeare (2009), “rich, vivid, intimate, & somewhat troubled” while The Rumpus called Big Bright Sun (2010) “a textual record of mistakes made and insights gleaned…[in] a voice that knows its part in self-destruction.” His poems, and writings about poetry, have been published in American Poetry Review, Poets & Writers, Writers Digest and many other places.

He is the Director and Founding Editor of H_NGM_N (2001), an independent publishing house that started as a mimeograph ‘zine and which has grown to encompass an annual online journal, an occasional digital chapbook series, a continuing series of single-author books and sporadic limited edition/low-fi projects. Pritts is Associate Professor at Ashford University where he serves as Curriculum Lead and Administrative head of the Film program. He lives in the Finger Lakes region of New York state.


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 Thanks to everyone who came out to hear Marnie Galloway and Scott Roberts talk about their comic art! It was an inspiring event and a great crowd!  

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Three of Kelcey Ervick’s classes are holding book release parties celebrating the self-publication of class anthologies of creative writing. Students will read a sample of their poetry or prose from the books. You are invited to drop in, listen to students read, and eat some pizza! Stay as little or as long as you like.

untitled fys

Untitled.doc Book Release
Wednesday, 12/9/15 from 1:00-2:15
Thursday, 12/10/15 from 11:30-12:45

in DW 3001
~ free pizza! ~

Untitled.doc features the work of 40 students in two First-Year Seminar classes at IUSB. For each student there is a bio and photo, advice to future first-year students, a personal essay and/or story, plus groups of poems and photos selected by editorial groups according to chosen themes: Conflict, Hurt, Journey, Dreams, ASDFJKL;, Breaking Point, Distortion, and Darkness.


North Falls, Indiana Book Release
Thursday, 12/10/15
4:00-5:15 in DW 3001

North Falls, Indiana was written, designed, edited, and published by students in W301 Fiction Writing. It features linked locations, characters, and events in the imagined town of North Falls, Indiana. Inspired by Winesburg, Ohio and Winesburg, Indiana, the first part of the book introduces the characters/grotesques through short narratives and archival documents including diaries, letters, newspaper accounts, to-do lists, and police reports. The second part takes place on Halloween 2015 when a series of tornadoes devastate North Falls.

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Here are some images from projects by Kelcey Parker’s A399 Narrative Collage students. Stay tuned for links to Margaret Chapman’s and Alessandra Rolff’s A190 online literary journals, as well as a collection of essays by Kelcey Parker’s W250 class. These class activities are part of the Center for Excellence in Literary Arts & Publishing initiative (see tab above).

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The semesterly Student Reading & Exhibit is taking place Thursday 12/8 from 8:30-3:00 p.m. in DW 3001.

(It actually kicked off already with a reading by Alessandra Simmons Rolff’s A190 students, who read from the two literary journals that they created and self-published.)

There will be readings by four classes in a row, and there will be a display of 2-D Self-Portrait Collages (see recent posts for images), Collage Journals, and individual books – written and published by students – from Kelcey Parker’s A399 class, a book published by her W250 class, and a computer projecting an image of online literary journals created by Margaret Chapman’s A190 classes.

Please feel free to drop in during the readings and to have a look around as we celebrate our students’ accomplishments in creative writing, narrative collage, and literary publishing!

All classes contribute to the Creative Writing Minor (click tab above) and are part of the Center for Excellence in Literary Arts & Publishing initiative.

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