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Wolfson Press Poetry News

One of the Wolfson Press poets (and an IUSB graduate), Steve Henn, has a poem coming out in *Rattle* as part of their “Poets Respond” series.
He is one of two winners of this weekly contest, and his poem appears today, the morning after the presidential debate. The contest focuses on poetic responses to current events:


Steve’s third book is forthcoming from Wolfson Press. It’s called Indiana Noble Sad Man of the Year.

Book description:

These poems, a series of snapshots in the life of Steve Henn’s poetry alter ego, “Steve Henn,” collectively capture not just a moment, but a whole history of teaching, parenting, walking around town, getting a canned ham as a Christmas bonus, shooing away door to door solicitors, crushing on a first grade classmate, and wrestling with the world of social media. The book, dedicated to Henn’s four children, includes artwork by each of his kids. By the end of the collection you too may understand why Steve Henn is Indiana Noble Sad Man of the Year.




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Bill's cover
42 Miles Press Reading at IUSB:
Bill Rasmovicz
Thursday, October 17,
7:30 pm, will read from
his newly released book,
Gross Ardor, published by 42 Miles Press.

Winner of the 42 Miles Press Poetry Award, Bill Rasmovicz’s second full-length book of poems, Gross Ardor, focuses on a faith in the alchemy of the imagination. The book is post-apocalyptic in tone, but its incantatory rhythms and perceptual particularities, as they unfold line by line, create a continuously vibrant sense of the phenomenological, the subconscious as a loosely associative narrative that feels, one might say, breathed into existence. It is a visionary and transformative work in which the musicality of language becomes inseparable from the thinking that creates it, and the reader merges with this ongoing depiction of whatever might be said to constitute the world, a voice so urgent and fluid we become one with the book’s central guiding consciousness. Gross Ardor is a truly mesmerizing performance.

“With a nearly archaeological enthusiasm for the layeredness of language, perception, and memory, Bill Rasmovicz’s Gross Ardorexcavates the groove canals, pulls up the faceplates, lets the depth-charges blossom. These poems have surprise-fight in them. They have guts. They erupt. They go the surgical distance all along the horizon and even out beyond it—’implying you in everything’—making way for a soul, then walking you through it.” — Matt Hart

Purchase at SPD or Amazon.


The little hairs in the lungs rust.
It is hard to imagine wind.
What is emptiness? A flower?
Whosoever’s body is flush with the world is a god.

Where water pools in the shade your reflection trembles.
The woman on the balcony, you imagine her from yesterday.
Vines spill from banister to cement and you swear

the baby’s eyelashes are silk, the river
tons of effluvia at once.
If anything, the soul is a series of invisible arches, mass
without weight, the smallest sense of moon-colored fortitude.

A ladder reaches the roof and keeps going.
The woman, she believes she is bread.
You too believe you are bread, that if anything
the flower is born inside out.

In the mind wild grasses pant and fold.
The broken colloquy of a hammer, thirst of trees
in your blood. The blue thread
you ease from your shirt to stitch air to air.

* from Gross Ardor, 42 Miles Press, 2013, just released.

Critics on Bill Rasmovicz’s first book, published by Alice James Books:

“Bill Rasmovicz gives us the world in fine detail. City life, shoreline, night, loss and its shadow, desire—these come to us through an intelligence fully attuned to metaphor’s striking shifts from sight to insight. This is lyric poetry at its best, fully accomplished, probing, deeply felt, with delicate wit and language—oh the language!—stunning enough to pass Miss Dickinson’s test.”
—Betsy Sholl

“The clear intensity of the visionary requires stillness, not high speeds. And there is a restlessness at the heart of such stillness that Bill Rasmovicz’s first book gets at more exquisitely—with a voice that can bear it—than any I’ve read in years. His surreal practices are humanizing faith-keepings with the metamorphic, the elemental, the actual.”
—William Olsen

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Check out this interview about poetry with all the 42 Miles Press poets. Carrie Oeding and Erica Bernheim, winners of the first two contests, have already been published by 42 Miles Press, and Bill Rasmovicz and Allan Peterson have forthcoming collections due out from 42 Miles Press in fall 2013 and fall 2014, respectively:


Thanks to Prick of the Spindle for this excellent interview!

Allan Peterson‘s fourth book, Fragile Acts, is the second title in the new McSweeney’s Poetry Series and a finalist for both the 2013 National Book Critics Circle Award and the Oregon Book Award. His last book is As Much As from Salmon Press, 2011. Other books are All the Lavish in Common (2005 Juniper Prize), Anonymous Or (Defined Providence Prize 2001) and five chapbooks, notably Omnivore, winner of the 2009 Boom Prize from Bateau Press. His next book, Precarious, is forthcoming from 42 Miles Press in 2014. He has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and The State of Florida. Visit him online at www.allanpeterson.net.

Erica Bernheim was born in New Jersey and grew up in Ohio and Italy. She received her MFA from the University of Iowa’s Writers’ Workshop and her PhD from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Since 2008, she has been an Assistant Professor of English at Florida Southern College, where she teaches creative writing and directs the Honors Program. She is the author of The Mimic Sea (42 Miles Press, 2012) and the chapbook, Between the Room and the City (H_NGM_N B__KS, 2006). Her poems have appeared most recently in The Laurel Review, Columbia Poetry Review, The Iowa Review, and Saw Palm.

Carrie Oeding‘s book Our List of Solutions, which won the Lester M. Wolfson Prize, was published in 2011 by 42 Miles Press. Her work has appeared in such places as Best New Poets, Colorado Review, Third Coast, DIAGRAM, PBS News Hour’s ArtBeat and elsewhere. She is Visiting Assistant Professor of English at Marshall University.

Bill Rasmovicz is the author of The World in Place of Itself (Alice James Books, 2007), a 2006 Kinereth Gensler Award winner, which also won the 2008 Sheila Motton Award from the New England Poetry Club. Publishers Weekly likened the poems to “the haunted generalities of Franz Wright and the hunted, bomb-damaged villages of Charles Simic,” in its review of the book. Rasmovicz is a graduate of the Vermont College of Fine Arts M.F.A. in Writing Program and the Temple University School of Pharmacy. His poems have appeared in literary journals and magazines including Third Coast, Hotel Amerika, Nimrod, Puerto del Sol, Gulf Coast and Mid-American Review.

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Congratulations to English major Erin Britt, whose novella Celia will be published by Rainstorm Press in the next year. It will be available in paperback and e-book formats. The novella was originally drafted in W401 Advanced Fiction Writing and revised for submission. Way to go, Erin!

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IUSB’s literary journal, Analecta 2012 is hosting the second annual Analecta Reading at Fiddler’s Hearth in South Bend, IN at 2:30 p.m. on April 22.

The event will feature readings from authors and artists published in this year’s issue of Analecta. We will also be providing free Fiddler’s Hearth appetizers to all attendees, so please come out and join us in an afternoon of good food, good drinks, outstanding IUSB art and literature and a lovely hearthside atmosphere.


Jeff Tatay
Analecta 2012

Here’s the lineup for the Analecta Reading:

2:30 (Jeff Tatay) Introduction to Analecta 2012
2:35 Chris Bush
2:40 Rachel Cheeseman
2:45 Kayla Cano
2:50 Niall Garvin
2:55 Hannah Stowe
3:00 Matt Henry
3:05 Stephanie Merryfield
3:10 Break
3:15 Break
3:20 Kristin LaFollette
3:25 Brandy Crise
3:30 Joy Bye-Zeilbeck
3:35 Jennifer Hlawacz
3:40 Jordan Eash
3:45 Joe Eggleston
3:50 Damian Beauchamp
3:55 McKenzie Lynn Tozan
4:00 Jessica A. Deckard

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Thanks to Maria Hubbard and the IUSB Preface for this great article about IUSB’s creative writing and publishing activities. Visit the original link here.

Publishing takes off on campus


Staff Writer

Published: Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Updated: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 23:10

The lively literary scene on campus recently received a boost with the new development of the 42 Miles Press. It has already published a full book and a chapbook while in other classes self-publishing serves to teach and fuel creativity.

Dr. Kelcey Parker, head of the creative writing department at IU South Bend, described the publishing activities in an interview. She said the first full-length published book, “Our List of Solutions” by Carrie Oeding, was the winner of the 42 Miles Poetry contest in 2010. It was released September of 2011. The book holds over 30 poems.

According to the 42 Miles website, “The Mimic Sea” by Erica Bernheim will be published the fall of 2012 as another winner of the contest. “The Difficult Here” by Christine Garren was the first chapbook published by the press. It was released in the spring of 2011.

Parker described the publication contest sponsored by 42 Miles Press saying, “We have a poetry book contest where writers submit full manuscript of poems and the winner receives one thousand dollars and publication.” She named David Dodd Lee, a faculty member of the English department as the judge.

The website elaborates on the entry process, rules and awards. Manuscripts are accepted from December 1 to March 1 and the winner of the contest will also receive 50 copies of the book. Current or former students, employees of IUSB and friends of the judge are not eligible. The winner may also be invited to give a reading at IU South Bend. On September 21 of this year, Carrie Oeding held a reading at IUSB. The website also says that a fiction writing contest is under development.

42 Miles Press publications are available for checkout and purchase at the Press’ office in Wiekamp 3185, which is open Mondays from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Wednesdays from 9:00 a.m to 11:00 a.m. and also 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. It is run by student worker McKenzie Tozan, who helps students check out works through 42 Miles Press and other publishers. Tozan says that work is underway to get a shelf set up in the bookstore for 42 Miles Press works.

Parker also pointed to publishing activities elsewhere on campus. In some English A190, A399 and the fiction writing W301 classes, students self-publish anthologies and chapbooks, which are single-author short works.

Some students used full-color collages to illustrate works. Others publish on website blog. Self-published works are uploaded on a website and when printed are about $10 each for however many copies students want.

Parker explained how involvement in publishing stretches skills. “It helps students get involved in writing, publishing and editing. The students think about cover, fonts, lay-out, book size and color as well as the writing aspects.”

Parker is not the only professor helping students display their work. “Other professors are working on classes for publishing too. One professor teaches comics, where students create the first eight pages and back story, put them on a board and exhibit at the end of the semester. Another teacher had students do literary publishing online. There are still plenty of print publications, but more and more are online.”

Parker said that development of a program to train students in publishing and editing is in the early stages of development. “The idea is to engage and train students in literary publishing and editing. 42 Miles Press connects with the mission and center.”

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42 Miles Press is set to release its first full-length book, Carrie Oeding’s Our List of Solutions, winner of the 2010 42 Miles Press Poetry Prize. (Release date is Sept. 1. Now available for pre-order on Amazon! Click here!)

42 Miles Press is now also on Facebook! Check out the page for a tour of the office and for news and updates. Click it. Like it. Love it.


Based in the English Department at Indiana University South Bend, 42 Miles Press publishes books and chapbooks of poetry, including the winner of the 42 Miles Press Poetry Prize, and plans to accept fiction and nonfiction submissions in the not-so-distant future.

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